Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More 2011 pics

2011 has been a busy year already

2011 has brought a lot of good thing so far. One thing we have had is SNOW and LOTS of it. for the 2010/2011 snow season throught april of 2011 we have had over NINE FEET of snow. one of the snowiest seasons in quite a long time! The weather has not been that great so far for spring bringing snow on April fools day and on the first day of Spring a whopper of a storm that gave Deerfield almost 12 inches of snow in one storm. When it will stop we have no idea but as of Saturday (just 4 days ago ) we got another inch on the ground. luckily between these storms we have had warm days and nothing still remains in my yard but man it is pretty upsetting to look out the window in Late April and see a storm. LOL anywhoo enough about the weather. This January Liz turned 14 and was able to attend dances.Of course there was on on her birthday! February: More snow and sledding. March started bringing us Babies. Animal babies that is. They started on St Patricks day with our first Lambs 2 girls. Then we proceded to have 3 more goats.(1 died :( ) and then lots of baby chicks and ducklings.We aquired 3 additional cows and one was pregnant. So a Baby girl cow was born to her. Last of all was today when our Icelandic sheep had her first babies. Twins! One boy and one girl . It has been a wonderful year for the barnyard.

We also have had a wonderful year with our business. things have been going well. I am able to quit work and hire a secretary so that in the fall I can pursue my surgical tech goal. We were also able to pave the driveway and parking lot this week. so things are going well.

The kids have been growing like weeds. "little" Eric has grown 9 inches in the last nine months and is now 5'11 1/2" CRAZY!!!! Liz and Jake have grown too but not that fast :

Can't wait to see what the rest of the year is going to give us, but so far it has been the best year in quite a few years.

Monday, August 16, 2010

August 2010

This Month we had a Ward Luau/campout at our house . Erics Dad &Joyce came for a visit and I turned 35. Jake found a monarch catapillar and it grew. School starts back in 16 days........2 more days off till school starts. have made a bunch of Beach and Lake trips. Good times :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Emily turns 18 and graduates high school,lizzie and I went to see Taylor swift at Gillette staduim in Foxboro MA, and Lizzie is a bird girl in seusical the musical at her school.

We went to Boston for Mothers day and eriec treated me and my Mom and the whole family to a horse drawn buggie ride.

The last year in short........

So Since last August lots of crazy things have been going on.
After enjoying the trip out to the west coast and back. We enjoyed having Eric's Dad here for a time. Unfortunatly he ended up in the Hospital with a Bleeding ulcer and we spent a few days visiting him there. While not our choice (or his) to visit we still got to spend time with him . so that was a good thing. He is doing well and recovered from this ,which is good. we are actually currently waiting for his next visit Due Aug 4th of this year and hope that it will go alot smoother this time. :)
In September we settled into our fall routine of school,sports,and work as usual. and the next two months were uneventful. Unfortunately on November 9th of 2009 we had a shock of our lives. We had a devastating house fire. We lost our Dogs (all three of them ) and our home,along with most of our possessions . The enormous blessing in this was that we were not home at the time and our little family was spared. While this was one of the most horrific experiences in my life. I still get choked up knowing the Lord had a hand in saving my children. We (Eric and I ) had contemplated going out on a bike ride with out the kids and leaving them there alone. We both felt that we should take the kids with us.I for one am extremely grateful that we listened to that still small voice that night.The fire Chief later told us that if anyone was home we wouldn't have made it out due to the smoke. Although the contents that we were able to save fit into a small shed outside our old house. Our Children are with us.
The blessings that came after completely blew us away mentally. The help from our community and our church , Family and Friends was (I really don't know the appropriate word) ....incomprehensible . Within 24 hours we were completely outfitted with clothes, food, money ,furniture,and help. Our new/old home was cleaned and stocked. We lacked nothing. The spirit in our home was tangible as was the love that we received. People we didn't even know stopped by to give us aid and help came from near and Thank these people both known and unknown seems inadequate. They deserve much more than that. To those who read this and did not get a thank you. Thank you! All who helped will be blessed for such a great deed done that day and the many days after.There is a special place waiting in Heaven for people like that!
December brought Christmas . This was a wonderful blessing . We were in our old home (half of it just next door to the home that had the fire) our tree was little but we had a wonderful time with friends and family.
The new year brought new furniture ,new clothes, new "things" .We had mixed feelings about it but mostly felt blessed.
In the spring My grandmother of 98 years passed away. while we were all sad to see her go . She lived her life well with out a lot of suffering well into her 97th year only to have old age creep up and do its thing in her 98th year.We were all privileged to know and learn from her.
The spring also brought us to a new building for Our business. We are now in Deerfield. It took us 3 years to get here but are glad that we are. We are enjoying the blessing of owning and operating from our newly built shop.Built by our own blood seat and tears.The American Dream. It is on our home site and we have the ability to be close so that has mixed benefits. But has been really good mostly.
Eric had a wonderful trip with his sister to the great state of Idaho to see his Dad also this spring.
He had a great time and brought home lots of Lava rock from a volcano he went to while out there.
Other than that Summer is here and we are enjoying this heat that most are complaining about.
My garden is doing really well, Jakie lost his first tooth and Liz and Eric are growing like weeds.Eric is taller than My 5'7" and is in a size 13 shoe . He is only 11.
Now it is time to get some pics up. Hope that you all enjoyed the update. Hopefully I will do better from this point on to keep this thing updated :)