Tuesday, August 11, 2009

funny ride

Ok so last night I am out with the hubby for a ride on the bike. We hit a dirt road and me being the goof that I am start being like a kids and saying ahhhhhhh as we go over the bumps. Then I start laughing at myself. With my mouth open while riding my bike(you know where this is going). Yup I swallow a bug, laughing -start coughing and choking while still laughing because I thought man I was pretty stupid. while on the back of the bike. Now Eric is Laughing at me because he knows I am the dork that I am. and I am thinking we are so going to crash. Good thing it was on the back roads and no one saw us. too funny!

Monday, August 3, 2009

More trip pics

Trip to Cali

Ok so we left Nh on June 28th at 8 am Heading west. Me , My Mom, and my three kids. We traveled by Car and My mom pulled her camper with her pickup. We took 2 vehicles because although we each had room for 5 it would not be comfortable for us all to take one. We traveled through 23 States. Started at Nh then Mass, New york, PA, Ohio,Indianna,Illinois, Iowa,Nebraska,Colorado,Utah,Nevada,Cali,Arizona,New Mexico, Texas,Oklahoma,Arkansas,Tennesee,Va,West VA, Maryland,Conneticut, Mass ,and Nh again.
We camped each night . It took us 6 days to get out there arriving in Cali at about 3:30 pm on July 3rd.We stayed with my Aunt and Uncles for 7 days leaving Saturday the 11th at 10 am to return home. We returned home on July 16th at about 6:30 pm.Our rule was that one older child had to be with each adult to help navigate etc. I was the designated Navigator (yeah, I know) at the end of day one travels I asked my Mom so where is your map ? She says I don't have any I am just following you. What faith. I know I wouldn't have had that much faith in me.
We really had a great time!We saw a ton of new new things. On the way there our goal sights were: The Iowa Windmills, Stopping to see Anna, Denver Co, and the Rockies,Bryce Canyon in Utah, we also saw Zion national park (drove through it actually) .We had to pay to go through, $25 per car and my Mom had to pay for her Camper too So$75 total to drive through a mountain. HMMMM who ever said those mormons were dumb????Funny I went through aprox half of Utah and never saw one temple.LOL
When we got t Cali. we had a family Cookout with all the cousins etc. That was great fun to see them after 20 years.We went to Sea world ,Las Vegas and stayed at Circus Circus . A Hotel that had an amusement park, casino and circus inside of it. Really cool! We went to Disney Land and Ca Adventure, Hollywood,and Knotts Berry Farm. I also got to see the Pacific Ocean for the first time Ever. It was just around the corner from Sea World.In San Diego ?I think. My Cousin Called it Ski Beach.
On our way home we saw the Grand Canyon, The cadillac Grave yard in Amarillo TX.That was cool we got to paint on the cars with spray paint. We also went to Nashville to see the grand old Oprey. There was alot more to see but I would never get my pics posted if I told you everything.lol so here are the much awaited pics Enjoy!

Monday, June 1, 2009


Liz: Mom , the kids at school said I am not a blonde I am a burnit.
Mom: Ummm don't you mean Brunette?
Liz: oh yeah I guess
Mom: Nope Liz I think you are definately a blonde.
Liz: How come?

Stumping your blonde preteen: Priceless

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Easter!!!!!!

Are you marrying me?????

So we are on our way home from big Eric's surgical follow up (which was great and he doesn't have any more appts 2 1/2 hours away YEAHHH)And we stop in at the temple in Belmont to go to the store they have there.( we are always there when the store is closed)
Jacob looks out the window and yells " We are at the temple Mom! Are you marrying me? " too cute ! I just love those moments :)

Teen Real Life???????

OK , I know this really does not need any comments ,but OK really don't teens have enough in thier head without looking at this. It was in a top name book store in Portsmouth NH........

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

finally some Drama

Yeah like I need more Drama, but I guess it was a little slow so I had to spice things up. Here is what has been going on of late.
Liz has science fair ,an Egyptian project, and an Irish diorama due by April 2nd. yeah I was like OK and she only has ONE teacher. Can't even fathom what where that thought process was going..... She did her science fair project on whether soda eats away at nails. There is a theory out there that if you put a nail in a can of coke it will dissolve in 3-4 days. well theory proven wrong. she did it 3 x for 8 days each with 4 types of Soda (can you tell why I wonder about OCD)and well sprite is a good cleaning agent and dr pepper too. but other than that all she got was a bunch of rusty nails. Oh and she used 3 types of nails to make sure too....
Little Eric has a biography due April 2nd with a 2 1/2 page report, 3 visual projects. (a quilt, a diorama, and a treasure box) along with having to do an oral presentation dressed as the person he is doing his biography on. He is Doing Steve Irwin. He was also on the winning team for b-ball and went into playoffs and was until Saturday playing 4 x per week and having 2 practices in between games. He is also in Cub scouts. Crazy! But after this week things will settle down again . So that is really good.Oh and we had 3 baby goats delivered last week and this week. One died .Poor little thing. Too cold and he was born in the middle of the night.
They were all Angoras They are very cute. Pics to come soon. We have one more Pregnant MaMa and then we will be done with that part of our spring. I think next week things will settle down. But I had better knock on wood really quickly lol.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Nothing to Report

Happy St Paddy's day all! Go kiss someone Irish!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Quote #?

My oldest son says to me this morning. (at NEG 5 degrees)
"mom it is so cold outside that my boogers are freezing"
I just had too post that!LOL

Monday, January 19, 2009

I was wrong ,there were more.....

These pics are of my drive into work today! This is one of the many reasons I love NH. Yes I had to post the temp of 14 degrees. This is becasue 2 mornings in a row last week (friday and sat ) it was-17 and -13 degrees without windchill when we woke up! 14 above was a great thing this morning!

And Last but not least(for now anyway)

These are pics of us in our new "farm" shirts . Our friend Dean had these made for us all for Christmas! Isn't that great! We Love them!

And yup more ....

Ok some pics of the boys snowmobiling