Friday, October 31, 2008

Monday, October 20, 2008

You thought that was it????

Eric turnes 10 ,New angora goats that Jake calls "Fuzzy goats" and Big Eric finds a baby Doberman. we named him Samson.

We've been Busy Birthdays,turkeys, Babies and Superman-vs-Ramen Noodles

September, Jacob turned 4 and it was also turkey season. 7 turkeys are now in our freezer and just to spice things up Jake decided to pull some ramen noodles out of the microwave and got a 3rd degree burn on his chest.The bandages are more than it looks . He has sensitive skin and cannot use tape so the burn was actually only about 3inches in diameter (bad enough) after many trips to SShriner's Jake is fine with only a fading pink scar. NO surgery!!!Yeah.
A new addition to auntie Beth's family. My mom Holds the newest of us. Madeline Hope. Appropriately named I think!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


OK so there was this running/biking/scateboarding/scooter(basically any one thing you wanted to do to "move") thing at Liz's school today and you had to do 1/4 mile laps around the parking lot. This was to raise money for Enviromental camp for the 6th Grade.So Liz ran ,and she did 28 laps! Doing the Math ,that was 7 miles! And to boot , she did it in ONE hr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Way to go Lizzie!!!