Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Friday, November 14, 2008

Sewing Chickens

So I am in my car yesterday and Jake is quiet(which is never the case) and I say hey Jake what are you doing back there? He says" Sewing Chickens" I look back to see what the heck he is talking about and Low and behold he was. Too funny! This is the Pig he did next. I totally forgot I had put these in the car.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I've Been Tagged

OK so this is what I have to do . I have been tagged and have to share 7 random/unusual facts about my self and then tag 7 bloggers to do the same at the end. so Here goes:There is no order to these I am just going with what pops into my head
1.I love the sky and the moods of it .Cloudy. Bright stars. Sunsets. Whatever, I love all of it.
2.I love the smell of wrapping paper and tape. favorite Alone time is doing outside chores like raking mowing gardening etc.
4. I really dislike papaya.
5.I really dislike drinking water. It has no taste. I know it is the best thing for us but I like taste.
6.I love big lifted old chevy trucks. With lots of chrome.
7.My Dream job would be one of the 2: profitable farming or an RN.
SO here goes: all who I tag must post thier 7 things. Here you are: Anna Cosby. Tina (no last name allowed You know who you are).Trina. Mom.Carol.Carrie Skinfill.Jenny B ( you have to invite me to your blog first though! LOL
If you don't have Blogger you can send it to me Via E-mail.
Have a great one gals!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


OK so these are in many fields around Deerfield and Jacob and I were driving to school the other day and he said Hey Mom Look at all those Huge Marshmellows over there.....

I just laughed and laughed.

You know ,add some chocolate and graham crackers and we'd be all set!

(For all those who don't know they are hay Bales wrapped up for protection against the weather.)