Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Easter!!!!!!

Are you marrying me?????

So we are on our way home from big Eric's surgical follow up (which was great and he doesn't have any more appts 2 1/2 hours away YEAHHH)And we stop in at the temple in Belmont to go to the store they have there.( we are always there when the store is closed)
Jacob looks out the window and yells " We are at the temple Mom! Are you marrying me? " too cute ! I just love those moments :)

Teen Real Life???????

OK , I know this really does not need any comments ,but OK really don't teens have enough in thier head without looking at this. It was in a top name book store in Portsmouth NH........

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

finally some Drama

Yeah like I need more Drama, but I guess it was a little slow so I had to spice things up. Here is what has been going on of late.
Liz has science fair ,an Egyptian project, and an Irish diorama due by April 2nd. yeah I was like OK and she only has ONE teacher. Can't even fathom what where that thought process was going..... She did her science fair project on whether soda eats away at nails. There is a theory out there that if you put a nail in a can of coke it will dissolve in 3-4 days. well theory proven wrong. she did it 3 x for 8 days each with 4 types of Soda (can you tell why I wonder about OCD)and well sprite is a good cleaning agent and dr pepper too. but other than that all she got was a bunch of rusty nails. Oh and she used 3 types of nails to make sure too....
Little Eric has a biography due April 2nd with a 2 1/2 page report, 3 visual projects. (a quilt, a diorama, and a treasure box) along with having to do an oral presentation dressed as the person he is doing his biography on. He is Doing Steve Irwin. He was also on the winning team for b-ball and went into playoffs and was until Saturday playing 4 x per week and having 2 practices in between games. He is also in Cub scouts. Crazy! But after this week things will settle down again . So that is really good.Oh and we had 3 baby goats delivered last week and this week. One died .Poor little thing. Too cold and he was born in the middle of the night.
They were all Angoras They are very cute. Pics to come soon. We have one more Pregnant MaMa and then we will be done with that part of our spring. I think next week things will settle down. But I had better knock on wood really quickly lol.