Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Its is that time again so here are my top 5 resolutions for this year
1: Go to Chicago with some great Gals!
2: Stay in touch at least monthly with friends and family.
3: Lose weight yup I have to ! at least 50lbs Yikes!
4:Read the bible top to bottom the whole thing by years end .
5:Keep up with My accounting faithfully at work.
so there it is
Now that it is web logged I can check out at the end of the year and see how well I have done.
Now what are yours readers????

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry CHRISTmas

Hope that all of you have a safe, happy and healthy Christmas and New year.
We will be having a white christmas as Friday dumped about 9 inches on us and the we got an additional foot on Sunday.I don't know about any where else in the state, but it snowed in Deerfield from friday at 2 pm to the middle of the night Sunday.I won't say it was blizzard like the whole time but the snow didnt stop that whole time.CRAZY!
My Kids are glad and having a fun time. From the ice storm 1 1/2 weeks ago there are still about 20,000 people w/o power. The storms didn't take out power, but The cars and trucks that hit the power poles sure did. I just hope those that have been without power for now 12 days will have it back for Christmas.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Round 2

Ok so the beginning of the week had us mopping up the floor and the end of the week had us using our generator to power the freezers.

Thursday night a loud bang was heard and boom no power. We looked out the window to see a large limb of our front pine hanging on our phone line. They stretch, did you know that? By morning it had snapped and the front yard was full of FROZEN debris . and Lots and lots of tree branches. No power was to be had until 6:30 Saturday night . Yup that was a personal record for us at 43 hours without power.We were warm and had generator power at least . So that was good and the kids thought it was fun too.there were a total of 500,000 people in southern NH without power and today there is 182,000 still without power. I count my blessings that we heeded the warning of being prepared. They said this was the largest power outage in NH since 1954.

Everything was Ice, every where. It was really beautiful, actually, to drive around and look at.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

3 am Waterfall

OK picture this. 3 AM Monday night (Tues morn- whatever) I get up to put Jake back into his own bed and hear water running in the dining room. What the...... I go into the kitchen figuring a pipe burst downstairs. There is water coming from the light socket (luckily not the one I had just turned on)Gushing water- hose like -out of the light socket In the ceiling. And down the walls and all over the floor into the basement. I yell "Eric Where is the shut off and Find out where the water is coming from." He runs to Little Erics Room to find water spraying all over the bedroom and our son sleeping in his bed. yeah, he slept right through it. HELLOOOO. I shut off the water in the basement and big Eric mops up the bedroom and I mop up the dining room. What was on the dining room table???? Liz's Homework, but not only her homework but her Binder, My new Moon book, that she was borrowing (GRRRR). Her reading book for school...basically all her school stuff except her backpack which was on the floor next to the table.That was full of water as well.
Things to be thankful for:
1: We have An old house. A really old house . This means Tin Ceilings that dry really quickly and won't mold.and that don't fall apart because there is multiple gallons of water pouring down on them. Also this means that I have crooked floors, that water runs right into the other blessing; a dirt floor basement . Also Slat wood floors in the upstairs bedroom and no carpeting,that water can just run through to the tin ceiling below it and there is also No insulation between the floor and the ceiling so no mold issue there either.
2:Very minimal damage; Just have to paint the wall that the water ran down. Didn't even need to replace it.
3: An Awesome Daughter that did not yell, scream, or throw a temper tantrum, because she in all right had a very good reasson to. Considering all of her stuff was damaged. Nope, she and I just used a hairdryer and the blower from our fireplace to dry the books, papers, folders, etc,etc, It took us 2 hours and she never complained once.And nothing was destroyed, we were able to dry all of it.
4: My dog Abby, that was tring to tell me and big Eric that something was wrong. In fact She woke us up and we both were saying 2 minutes before I went to put Jake back in bed. "What the heck is wrong with the dog, she's going crazy????"
5: That I have an unusual amount of beach towels for someone who lives in NH....why did I buy that many????? They sure did come in handy.
As for the pipe that burst, it had a leak in the seam of a connector , so that was and easy fix as well. Especially since all the water ran out of it ....
What was I saying the other day to Anna? That I haven't had much drama lately. I really need to stop saying that.....

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Ball????

So Jake asks me how Santa can see him all the time and I tell him that he has a crystal ball and watches us all the time to make sure we are good. Kind of like Jesus, only he has to have the ball.....
Well....We are in the car the other day and Jake is being loud and well.... boy like.... and Isay "Jake Santa's watching." he says "You know what.. I think he threw out that ball he has mom"
Too funny!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Friday, November 14, 2008

Sewing Chickens

So I am in my car yesterday and Jake is quiet(which is never the case) and I say hey Jake what are you doing back there? He says" Sewing Chickens" I look back to see what the heck he is talking about and Low and behold he was. Too funny! This is the Pig he did next. I totally forgot I had put these in the car.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I've Been Tagged

OK so this is what I have to do . I have been tagged and have to share 7 random/unusual facts about my self and then tag 7 bloggers to do the same at the end. so Here goes:There is no order to these I am just going with what pops into my head
1.I love the sky and the moods of it .Cloudy. Bright stars. Sunsets. Whatever, I love all of it.
2.I love the smell of wrapping paper and tape. favorite Alone time is doing outside chores like raking mowing gardening etc.
4. I really dislike papaya.
5.I really dislike drinking water. It has no taste. I know it is the best thing for us but I like taste.
6.I love big lifted old chevy trucks. With lots of chrome.
7.My Dream job would be one of the 2: profitable farming or an RN.
SO here goes: all who I tag must post thier 7 things. Here you are: Anna Cosby. Tina (no last name allowed You know who you are).Trina. Mom.Carol.Carrie Skinfill.Jenny B ( you have to invite me to your blog first though! LOL
If you don't have Blogger you can send it to me Via E-mail.
Have a great one gals!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


OK so these are in many fields around Deerfield and Jacob and I were driving to school the other day and he said Hey Mom Look at all those Huge Marshmellows over there.....

I just laughed and laughed.

You know ,add some chocolate and graham crackers and we'd be all set!

(For all those who don't know they are hay Bales wrapped up for protection against the weather.)

Friday, October 31, 2008

Monday, October 20, 2008

You thought that was it????

Eric turnes 10 ,New angora goats that Jake calls "Fuzzy goats" and Big Eric finds a baby Doberman. we named him Samson.

We've been Busy Birthdays,turkeys, Babies and Superman-vs-Ramen Noodles

September, Jacob turned 4 and it was also turkey season. 7 turkeys are now in our freezer and just to spice things up Jake decided to pull some ramen noodles out of the microwave and got a 3rd degree burn on his chest.The bandages are more than it looks . He has sensitive skin and cannot use tape so the burn was actually only about 3inches in diameter (bad enough) after many trips to SShriner's Jake is fine with only a fading pink scar. NO surgery!!!Yeah.
A new addition to auntie Beth's family. My mom Holds the newest of us. Madeline Hope. Appropriately named I think!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


OK so there was this running/biking/scateboarding/scooter(basically any one thing you wanted to do to "move") thing at Liz's school today and you had to do 1/4 mile laps around the parking lot. This was to raise money for Enviromental camp for the 6th Grade.So Liz ran ,and she did 28 laps! Doing the Math ,that was 7 miles! And to boot , she did it in ONE hr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Way to go Lizzie!!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Dead leaves

Only New Englanders would turn dead leaves into beautiful foliage!
Enjoy a little of my world

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Superman catches a Chicken

"I can catch the chicken mommy I am the fire department!"

Monday, September 15, 2008


Ok today at work we have this superman cape that we got one of our guys . We got it at six flags. So Jake puts it on climbs up on top of a stool and jumps off looking frustrated.I say to him You do know that you cannot really fly just because you have that on right. He looks at me and says ."What I can't! That stinks!"
Too Funny!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Veggies ,Veggies, Everywhere!

OK I am totally Excited ! This year's crop far exceeds any other crop I have had. And I had some big crops when we lived in Raymond!
To date I have packaged 36 pints of green beans,24 pints of carrots,22 pints of beets, 18 Quarts of sketti sauce, ( we ate one- couldn't resist :)) and I haven't even frozen the corn-staying up to do those.We have about 50-60 corns and that's only about half the rest is'nt done yet. I am hoping to get 52 qts of sauce. I will probably far exceed that!
What a great year for our garden! What a huge Blessing!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Mushy Stuff- I am Grateful

I just have to say that Most of you know what a really rough year I have been having.I just wanted to tell all of my friends and family just how much they -YOU - all mean to me. One of my friends says that she looks for the miracles that she has every day. I count all of you as that miracle. Out of all the bad/trying things that I have been doing this year,there you all are helping me through it. so Thank you!
Thank you family that is always there.Funny thing about family they really don't have to be there,but Mine is.I am truly grateful for 2 sisters-in-law that have lived up to the sister name better than anyone ever could.
Thank you Friends that have moved out of my state but not away from me. You are cherished and truly loved!I had a hard time when 2 of my closest friends moved this year.I needed them . But I must say I never lost them. They are still just a call or e-mail away and I am grateful for that. I am grateful that as we age we realize the old addage- make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver the other gold-is actually true.I guess that it amazes me that true friendship never really goes away .I am grateful that I have been reacquainted with a close brother like friend after 15 years.And that after 15 years apart we still have a great relationship.Kind of picked up right where we left off.I am grateful for my children's laughter every day,their hugs and kisses.My daughters love and my sons joy for life.I am truly grateful that I have an honorable husband that will really, in the end of everything ,do anything for me.He holds me up when he knows I am about to fall.When I tell him to go ,he stays. For that I am truly grateful.I am so grateful for my Mothers strength. She does not see it but,she is a beautiful ,strong and compassionate woman,that I look up to every day.I wish that some day she can see herself through my eyes,and know what and who she truly is.
Thank you all!Please now that you are truly loved!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mom's First day of Vacation...I mean... First day of school for the kids

Since there is no sound on my camera I will interpret,Good bye children, goodbye, farewell, I will miss you, I love you!....Whoohooo ,they are gone, yee haw ,yippee!!!!!, Um sorry guys, I love you, can't wait for your return!

yeah, you all think it too ! :)

First Day of School!!!

The Kids and parents were pretty excited about school today!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Trip to Newton

Stuck in Traffic just beyond Salem NH,
Big Eric "Are we there yet?" (still have 1 hr drive in normal traffic)
Sandy Rolls Eyes
Liz: " Im Thirsty"
Little Eric " Drink your spit"
Mom " ok enough"
Big Eric: hysterical laughing
Mom thinking : "Are we there yet"
Miracle- traffic loosens up and we get there in 45 min- Priceless -

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wonderful noise

OK so Jake has all of these items in this coffee can and runs out in the living room and says "Hey Mom listen, this makes a wonderful noise" Liz Says "yeah wonderful noise" as he is making quite a racket. Two seconds later the noise stops I look over to see the "noise" everywhere .The top popped off the coffee can.
I think the mess made him even happier than the "noise" LOL

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Today's quote

Jake and I are walking through a parking lot this morning and I notice that he has a couple of bug bites on the top of his feet . I mention this to him and ask if they itch .
He says: "its ok Mom I will take care of that a little later"

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Garden revisited

This is what 4 weeks of rain and a little farm fresh fertilizer (OK some miracle grow but I stopped that weeks ago) will do ! the tomatoes are taller than me and the corn is WAY taller than Eric.The Tomatoes started as seedlings in my greenhouse in April.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Animal antics

Tonight I went to look in on my pig that is in the bottom pen. He was down there by himself because his brother was naughty and decided to roam. Any way I realize that he is not moving his hind leg and go in to investigate(yeah that was pretty yucky) and low and behold we think he broke his hind leg. This is at 8 pm. So I go to the house and get Big Eric. We have to get him in the upper barn where it is drier and we can keep an eye on him he says. ok this pig is at least 250+lbs! So he says we will go get the tractor and hoist him out and haul him up to the barn.(notice the WE part)
So he gets the tractor and I get the tow straps and away we go down to do this Very Dirty deed.
I was up to my Knees in Muck (remember the 3 weeks of rain we have had) and trying to put 2 tow straps around the body of the pig and get him tied up before he can figure out what WE are actually doing to him. That was fun!I strap him up and Eric hooks the straps to the backhoe. Up he goes . Well if you have ever heard a pig squeel you would have been belly laughing at this one. picture this pig hoisted up with a backhoe squeeling away at now almost 9 at night. The neighbors even came out to see what was going on ! LOL
Things are never boring around here, that is for sure!


Liz: Hey mom did you know that you only have so many taste buds?
Mom: oh yeah were did you learn that?
Eric Jr : Stupid
Where do they get this stuff?

Sunday, August 10, 2008


I saw the sign for this town on our way down to the hotel Friday night and Liz said "Hey, Dad, there is your exit!"
On the way home I made him go 12 miles out of our way and pay a $1.50 toll to find the sign that said "Welcome to Belchertown" well this was the only one they had. They are "belching" in the picture LOL
I thought it fitting;)

Weekend at Six Flags

Tweety was a show off!I had some time to monkey around....,all the kids had fun .....Jake got all tuckered out (as usual)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Quote #3

I know this should be called 3yr old quotes but oh well,
I went to go Pick up Liz from her fiends house today and as I opened the door to go outside it was pouring buckets. Jake Looks at me and the expression on my face and grabs my hand and says" Its Ok Mom, I got you, we'll do it together." With a Huge smile out we ran to the car....together!


What are Those????
Well I must say after the crazy summer I have been having ,Animals getting out,dog getting hit by a car (is totally fine by the way), cub camp drop off at 8:30 am, work ....Etc etc.
I have to say that I am greatly blessed that I have a great set of family and friends. So thanks everyone! I also have (around the crazyness) been having a great summer with my kids.
I secretly went shopping with Lizzie yesterday at the mall! What a great time we had! Didn't really buy any thing, just some good quality time.
I am also glad that my Dad, Although not doing great, is still in great spirits! That is such a great thing.And that My Mom has incredible strength, even though she doesn't realize it!
So go about your day today and ask yourself How many blessing can I count? I bet they out weigh the bad things in life!
Have a great one!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Quote of week #2

Ok today we are in the car and Little Eric has this toy rifle,and is trying to explain the details of the gun parts and Jacob kindly looks at little eric and rolls his eyes and informs Him that "Eric Its just a stinkng gun"Liz and I just laughed Little Eric sulked LOL too Funny!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Coito Family Cookout

1.My Mom and Eric messing around with silly string
2. Me and my parents,my brother and sister and nieces and nephues and great neices and nephues, 4 generations
3. Jacob having fun!
4. 5 generations of my Dad's side 97 year old grandmother inthe front middle.
What a great Day we all had!

Coito Family Cookout

HAD to post this one!!!!!
My Niece Daylynn strutting her stuff!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Farm Fresh

This is my garden this year!
I am so excited that it is doing so well. It is 40x40 ft and going crazy! The kids hold my first crop of green beans and beets! Yummy!I have 48 Tomato plants that will fill my cupboards with lots of Sketti sauce!