Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More 2011 pics

2011 has been a busy year already

2011 has brought a lot of good thing so far. One thing we have had is SNOW and LOTS of it. for the 2010/2011 snow season throught april of 2011 we have had over NINE FEET of snow. one of the snowiest seasons in quite a long time! The weather has not been that great so far for spring bringing snow on April fools day and on the first day of Spring a whopper of a storm that gave Deerfield almost 12 inches of snow in one storm. When it will stop we have no idea but as of Saturday (just 4 days ago ) we got another inch on the ground. luckily between these storms we have had warm days and nothing still remains in my yard but man it is pretty upsetting to look out the window in Late April and see a storm. LOL anywhoo enough about the weather. This January Liz turned 14 and was able to attend dances.Of course there was on on her birthday! February: More snow and sledding. March started bringing us Babies. Animal babies that is. They started on St Patricks day with our first Lambs 2 girls. Then we proceded to have 3 more goats.(1 died :( ) and then lots of baby chicks and ducklings.We aquired 3 additional cows and one was pregnant. So a Baby girl cow was born to her. Last of all was today when our Icelandic sheep had her first babies. Twins! One boy and one girl . It has been a wonderful year for the barnyard.

We also have had a wonderful year with our business. things have been going well. I am able to quit work and hire a secretary so that in the fall I can pursue my surgical tech goal. We were also able to pave the driveway and parking lot this week. so things are going well.

The kids have been growing like weeds. "little" Eric has grown 9 inches in the last nine months and is now 5'11 1/2" CRAZY!!!! Liz and Jake have grown too but not that fast :

Can't wait to see what the rest of the year is going to give us, but so far it has been the best year in quite a few years.